Underneath the illumination of Perth Cultural Centre’s big screen, three performers begin to dance. Their live interactions soon traverse into imaginative realms within the screen, revealing their innermost desires – to belong, to be seen. 

From Perth dance production company, Taffyworks comes a new public dance performance and film project, Tiny Dancer. Three dancers; Louise Henshall, Tarryn Runkel and Amy Wiseman move to the compelling sounds of Perth composer Elise Reitze. Surreal versions of the dancers come to life through film created by Fionn Mulholland, appearing on a projector manipulated by the dancers, and on the massive screen behind them.

The filmed portrayals of each dancer slowly reveal their complex characters, their relationships to one another and to their audience. What they openly display and choose to hide may have a great impact on who they become both within and outside the frame of the screen.